United Motors Pvt Limited was established in 2015. The basic aim of establishment of this company is to enhance life style through offering quality product at most affordable price in automobiles sector. United Cars’ manufacturing/assembling plant is situated at 1-Km off Kot Radha Kishan Road, Multan Road, Bhai Pheru Lahore having capacity to produce 20,000 units per annum in single shift. At United Motors Pvt Limited, we primarily focus on good quality and best price to accomplish this promise all units assembled in accordance with international standard as approved by Pakistan Standard and quality Control Authority (PSQCA).
In term of product, initially company has introduced United Bravo car 796 cc. To supply the product as per customer’s satisfaction, a team of highly skilled professional in all departments such as Marketing & Sales, Quality Control, Production and Accounts always collecting market information and producing United Cars as per customer’s requirement. Keeping the customers’ convenience in mind, a large network of dealerships is developed in all cities of Pakistan to serve our customers in term of sales, service and spare parts that made us popular in both urban and rural areas.